Should I Get a Breast Revision with Lift? (photo)

I had my first breast augmentation a little over a year ago. It seems that my left breast has a slight dubble bubble and my right breast is lower than my left. My surgon says that its not major and I dont really need to fix it right now since it is minor. Is it worth getting a revision? I also think my breasts could be more together and maybe even a little bigger. And would I need to get a lift too or would a revision be enough?

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Breast asymmetry, double bubble, and sizing.

Thank you for the photos. It is apparent that you do have a double bubble deformity of the left breast and if it bothers you, then it can be corrected. Your asymmetry was likely there before surgery. Correction with a unilateral lift of the right breast would help even them out, however you will have additional scars on the right breast. As for cleavage, larger implants may give you the impression of more cleavage but in reality you obtain cleavage with a bra, not a knife.

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Revision of a breast augmentation

To make your breasts closer together, i.e. more cleavage, then you will need a wider implant.  This may suit you since I believe you wanted  larger implants anyway.  To minimize scarring I would recommend a creascent lift on the right side for symmetry.

Talmage Raine MD FACS

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Minor aesthetic problems after breast reduction are not necessarily worthy of reoperation.

One can see the subtle aesthetic problem after rhinoplasty with the left breast. Because any operation can have unwanted results any reoperation should be carefully considered before addressing a relatively minor problem.

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Hi Orlando3229,

     You have brought up several issues. First, is the issue of the double bubble and whether it should be fixed.  You notice it, I certainly notice it, yet your plastic surgeon states that it's too minor and should be left alone.  I don't think it is the surgeon's place to judge the severity of a deformity and whether there is justification to correct it.   That decision should  rest on the patient after pros and cons are defined.  This would be analogous to deciding whether a "small' bump on the nose should be fixed.  Here, again, it should not be the surgeon's decision whether it's large enough to warrant surgery.  That decision mostly depends on the patient's perception of the defect.  Some people have a very large nasal bridge and are perfectly fine with it.  Yet, others  have a slight nasal bump which is a constant source of anxiety for them.  After defining the risk of surgery, the patient can make an educated decision and weigh the pros and cons.

     Second is the issue of asymmetry.  This is all a relative term.  Every woman  has some degree of asymmetry to her breasts.  There is not one woman that has perfectly symmetrical breasts.  Therefore, the decision to "correct" an asymmetry, or better put, the decision to decrease an asymmetry depends on its severity, its perception, and the downside of the procedure.  All surgery has some downside, whether it's the additional scarring, or just the basic risk of all surgery, be it minimal.  To make your breasts more symmetric, it appears to me based on your photos that a bilateral Benelli lift would be appropriate, where  incisions are placed only around the areola.

     Finally, the issue of size.  Here, too, the decision can only be answered by the patient.

Good luck,

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Breast revision

I think a lift may be necessary especialy for the lower one so that they look closer in shape.  THe double bubble can be corrected at that time.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Revision with Lift

From your photos it does appear that you have asymmetry (uneveness in the appearance of the breasts) with the right one being lower than the left one.  You also have quite large areolae.  The close up photos of the left breast does show some evidence of a double bubble.  If you are unhappy with the appearance of the breasts, then a revision is what you want.  Additionally, a breast lift would help make the breasts appear more even and youthful.  I would be careful with going with larger implants.  They will not lift the breasts and if anything, over time lead to more sagging.  So at this point, I would express your concerns with your plastic surgeon.  If they don't agree with them, you may want to seek a second opinion from another board certified plastic surgeon to see if your concerns can be safely addressed.

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Should I Get a Breast Revision with Lift?

I do think that you can expect a nice improvement with a secondary procedure, which would include at least a lift on the right side. 

It does appear that you have a double bubble, and I can't be certain from photos alone if the indentation is from the original breast fold or from the lower edge of the pectoralis muscle. Unless it bothers you a lot, if this were the only problem I would leave it, but in light of having a procedure on the other side anyway, it may be worth addressing.

Also on the photo is a suggestion of shape difference that could be due to capsular contracture on the left.

All in all, a bit too complicated to go through all the possibilities online, but a visit to your surgeon should sort out the problems and the solutions. All the best. 

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Breast Implant Revision with Breast Lift

    There is asymmetry and ptosis that can be improved with breast lift.  I am not sure if I would recommend larger implants, but an inperson consultation and exam would better determine this.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentations and breast lifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Secondary breast lift following a breast augmentation

There are several features of your breast that are problematic.  It appears that you were a good candidate at your initial surgery for a breast lift and breast augmentation.  You have some significant sagging and malposition of your nipples and areola as well as asymmetry.  This is particularly noted in your photo with your hands at your side.  Your areola is also quite wide.  The implants appear  to have been placed under the muscle and this is may  be the cause of the line under your breast.  If you are looking for a perkier firmer breast then you definitely need a breast lift.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Breast Implant Revision

Thank you for the question. Looking at your photos there does appear to be some asymmetry which could be corrected with surgery.  The most common type of procedure would be a procedure to correct the capsular contracture or scar tissue which has formed around your implant. You would need to meet with your surgeon to discuss your expectations and goals regarding a larger implant or lift.



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