Breast Regrowth After Reduction with No Possible Explanation

I had breast reduction surgery (liposuction from the underside of my breasts) at 19 years old. I was 140 lbs and 5'8". I am now 22, 135 lbs, and my breasts, which had been reduced to a D, are now spilling out of my DD. I am not pregnant, I've been on the same birth control since I was 16, and I am miserable. Please help.

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Breast Regrowth After Reduction with No Possible Explanation

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Breast growth is still possible, and can occur due to a variety of factors, not just weight gain or pregnancy. It may be influenced by your current contraceptive pill, it may also be that you were not yet done growing. If it becomes necessary, repeat breast reduction can be done, although after a liposuction only reduction in the past you may require a more traditional approach.

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Growth of Breasts

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It is unclear from your question whether you had a traditional breast reduction or just liposuction of your breasts and also how large your breasts were prior to the "reduction."  If you post before and after and the 3 year follow up pictures, it would be very informative and allow us to give you more specific advice.  In any case, it is rare, but possible that your breast continue to grow after a breast reduction.  You would need a complete examination and possible further workup by your surgeon.


Good Luck.

Breast Re-Growth Reasons after Reduction

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Existing breast tissue can become larger after a breast reduction even if you haven't gain weight. A few of the more common reasons (besides weight gain) are use of hormones like birth control pills (even changing types) or others at the time of menopause, endocrinological problems, further normal growth if the first procedure was done at an early age, pregnancy related, and in many cases unexplained reasons. A secondary breast reduction can be performed once the cause is understood. Without photos or an exam the exact technique best for you cannot be determined.

Breast Regrowth After Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question.

It is not uncommon for patients to continue to have breast growth after undergoing breast reduction at an early age. If you are concerned about the degree of regrowth consultation with a internist/endocrinologist may be helpful ( and will most likely give you peace of mind).

At some point, further breast reduction surgery may be indicated. Generally, this is best done by your original surgeon if possible.  Otherwise, make sure your operating surgeon has a copy of your previous operative report.

Best wishes.

Breast regrowth

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From your post, it sounds as if you did not have a formal breast reduction but had liposuction, which I would not expect to have produced a comprehensive reduction. Breast tissue is hormone sensitive and your breasts could continued to grow. You may want to research breast reduction options which could alleviate your concerns and to discuss this further with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Breast regrowth after reduction

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While breasrt regrowth after reduction is uncommon,  I have seen it in patients receiving birth control pills and estrogen replacement therapy and of course during pregnancy and with weight gain.  I understand that you have been on the same birth control for 6 years but it might be worthwhile looking into a different means of contraception or checking your hormome status.  As a thought, bras are not all the same.  Is it possible that you are wearing a bra that is cut with a very small cup?

Beverly Friedlander, MD
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Breast regrowth

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While not common, breasts can regrow a bit especially in young people who have not completed their growth.  I suppose you are one of those people.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Regrowth After Reduction

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Breast tissue is very hormone sensitive, and it is not impossible for breast tissue to hypertrophy, even after a reduction.  You should be evaluated by your internist first to have your hormone levels checked.  Unfortunately, you may need further surgical reduction of the breast tissue to address your concerns.

Gary D. Breslow, MD, FACS
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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