I had a breast reductions in july 23 2013, about 4 months ago?

I noticed a big (about the size of half a match box) hard tender and painfull lump on the left side of my breast, what could it be.

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4 Months After Reduction Mammoplasty and Now A Firm Tender Mass Has Appeared

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This is common occurrence after breast reduction surgery. It is most commonly due to:

  1. A reduction in swelling after surgery and the mass that was there has revealed itself
  2. An area of fat necrosis that will reduce with time

My recommendations would be:

  • Have your surgeon measure the mass and then examine it again 3 months later. It will usually reduce in size.
  • If the mass does not reduce then a ultrasound can give a more definitive suggestion of what it might be. Cyst vs. Fat Necrosis
  • If all of above are not helpful and the mass does not reduce in size after 5 months, then a removal of the mass may be in order.

Eau Claire Plastic Surgeon
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Hard lump after breast reduction

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Any breast lump should be carefully evaluated. In general after surgery, they are commonly scar tissue, or inclusion cysts, or fat necrosis to name a few.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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