Am I Able to Get Breast Reduction?

I am 13 at 5'1 and a half inches, and i weigh 115-120. I have never liked the size of my breast and have always wanted to be an A cup instead of what i am now which is a C cup. Is my age ok? Around how much would it cost? Pain after procedure?

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13 years old and C cup - Breast Reduction?

   At 13 years of age and only a C cup, I would not recommend breast reduction.  I would recommend that you fully develop and reconsider should your breasts grow larger.     

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Am I Able to Get Breast Reduction?

Thank you for the question. The candidate for breast reduction is a patient with large breast with daily physical ( shoulder, neck, back pain) and psychological impacts. You are 13 years old and have no such symptoms. 

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
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Breast reduction at 13

You certainly could get a breast reduction, but certainly not by me.  At 13 your breasts are still changing and developing.  You are too young to make such an important decision that will have lifetime effects.  If you really are unhappy speak to your parents.  Maybe they can have you see a plastic surgeon to explain the risk and sequelae associated with breast reduction.  Hopefully he/she can explain why they wouldn't do the surgery until at least 16 or 17 nyears old and your breasts have been unchanged for a year.

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13 years old, C-cup, Breast Reduction

If you have concerns about the size and appearance of your breasts, you really should discuss this with your parents. Have them find a plastic surgeon to evaluate you and give you information about the pros and cons of surgery. However, at your current age and breast size, it is highly likely that the recommendation will be to wait until you are several years older before considering surgery. 

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Breast Reduction for 13 Year Old?

 Thank you for the question.

 Based on your description of having  C cup breasts,  I find it doubtful that you will be a candidate for breast reduction surgery. As you continue to develop, you may very well  "grow into” and appreciate your breast size.

 For more precise advice, discuss your concerns with your parents and/or pediatrician.

 Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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