After Breast Reduction and Have a Veiny Feeling?

I had breast reduction sugery 3 weeks ago, and know I have what feels as a vein running from under my breast and runs toward my stomach. Is this normal?

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Mondor's Vein after Breast Reduction?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure. Precise diagnosis and recommendations would require direct examination. Your description however  is consistent with  a thrombophlebitis of the veins under your breasts (Mondor's veins).   This condition is usually self limited;  symptoms may be treated with anti-inflammatories and/or warm compresses.   Check with your plastic surgeon before beginning any treatment regimen.

 Best wishes.

Mondor's cord

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It is possible that you have a Mondor's cord.  If so, this is not a serious problem and it will improve with time.  Be sure to keep your follow-up appointment with your surgeon.  Ibuprofen  seems to help, but you must check with your surgeon to be sure this is okay.

Good luck!

Michael Novia, MD

Michael Novia, MD (retired)
Olympia Plastic Surgeon

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