Breast Reduction - Best Technique?

Considering my photo, how will I best achieve some reduction to lessen back and shoulder pain but keep fullness in cleavage? I want the "armpit boob" removed and some overall reduction but want a lifted but still round and full result. I am concerned about scarring and would prefer not to have the horizontal incisions if possible. Will the lollipop incision technique work on my breasts, or are they large enough that the anchor incision would be necessary to achieve good lift?

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What breast reduction technique is best?

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This is a question that comes up a lot and there is not just one "right" answer.  Each technique has advantages and disadvantages. The answer that a surgeon gives you will depend a lot on their experience and training.  What works best in your surgeon's hands is probably the best technique for you.  My preference for you would be an inferior pedicle "lollipop" scar technique called the "SPAIR" technique.  Not just because it doesn't have a horizontal scar, but because it gives a better long term shape in my hands. Other surgeons may get a similar result with a different technique.  Do your research and then make sure your surgeon is well versed in several techniques. If your surgeon only does one technique.... Guess what?   That's the technique that they will recommend for you!

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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VIDEO (click here) Breast reduction

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As stated, a variety of approaches can be used for reduction mammaplasty. I tend to use the vertical and horizontal for larger reductions and the vertical for the smaller reductions. The "armpit boob" may benefit from the combined use of liposuction.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast reduction technique

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An exam is very important.  The technique used really depends upon your goals.  A vertical( lollipop) can be done for a small reduction and a large reduction can be performed with an anchor type incision.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Best Technique in Breast Reduction

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Since not all breasts of the same, neither should all breast augmentations, brest lifts, or breast reduction techniques be the same. Surgeons very their technique based on the requirements of the patient. In reviewing your photographs, great results can be obtained with both the lollipop for the anchor incision depending on the expertise of the surgeon.  I would trust your surgeon to give you the type of procedure he feels would benefit you most.  If you have seen photographs of his work, then you can be comfortable that he will provide you with that type of result.  Therefore, I would focus more on the results he showed you and less so on the technique that he used to obtain those results.  Good luck!

Alfonso Oliva, MD, FACS
Spokane Plastic Surgeon
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Best Technique for Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

In my hands, I think you will achieve the best results with a breast reduction involving vertical and horizontal incisions. It would probably be in your best interests to concentrate on finding the surgeon who can best achieve your goals ( regardless of resulting scar lines)  instead of attempting to find a surgeon who will use a specific technique ( I think you will be more likely to be satisfied with the end results of surgery  using this search criteria).

Best wishes.

Breast reduction technique

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Thank you for your photos, they are helpful in forming my response.  There are several techniques used in breast reduction, each with their positives and negatives.  The individual techniques is likely not as important as the experiance your surgeon has with it.   I would choose the standard anchor incision reduction for you to narrow the breast and decrease the lateral fullness.  I have found this gives excellant results,  with a quick time to final appearance and is applicable to a wide variety of breast shapes and sizes.   The lateral armpit fullness could be addressed with liposuction at the same time.

Breast Reduction Scars

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Absolutely the "circumvertical" or "lollipop" type excision pattern and resulting scar can provide a quite satisfactory result.  Usually, I recommend Hypafix (Smith & Nephew) or equivalent skin tape across the scar on bottom of breast for about two months after the procedure to minimize widening of the scar.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Breast reduction

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I try and minimize the scars as much as possible. It really depends on how much of a reduction and uplift you want. The larger the reduction and/or uplift, the more extensive the scars.  A lot can be done with just a lollipop incision. Fortunately, the scars in about 80% of the cases heal quite well and I find in my experience that patients who have undergone a breast reduction are really pleased with the relief of their symptoms like back, neck and shoulder pain. See my videos!

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Best BreastReduction Technique

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There are several techniques that are very useful in certain situations.  Every plastic surgeon has his/her criteria for determining which technique is best for a certain individual and/or circumstance.  It looks like your breast are fairly heavy and either a Lollipop or Anchor incision would be appropriate depending on how much breast tissue is to be removed and the resultant shape that is desired.  A consult with a board certified plastic surgeon would be in order.

Dr. ES

Breast Reduction technique

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Based on your photo, the best technique to elevate, tighten, and reduce the lateral fullness would be the full (anchor scar pattern) type of Breast reduction/lift. The lollipop technique in your case would not be effective enough in tightening the lower and outer aspect of the left side in particular, and your breast would still be somewhat bottom heavy. Surgery is individualized per patient and sometimes techniques can be modified to suit the patient as well as account for breast asymmetries while minimizing scarring.

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