Hi I Had a Breast Reduction when I Was 17 but Now at the Age of 33 They Are Now Larger. Can I Get a Revision? (photo)

Is it possible to have the procedure done again even tho my 1st doctor didnt do a good job. They were not even and the scarring is bad at the age of 17 I really didnt pay attention to all that i was jus happy to have small breast.

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Revision breast reduction

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A revision breast reduction may be possible for you, but an exam to evaluate you would be essential.

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Revision after breast reduction in teens

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The breast continues to grow and develop until about age 22, and even then the breast will change significantly after pregnancy. A second breast reduction can be done, though the risk to the nipple is greater. Choose a surgeon with experience.

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Breast Reduction Revision

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Yes, it is possible to have a secondary reduction.  However, you would need to be evaluated in person to make that determination.


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Revision Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

What you are experiencing is not unusual after patients have had breast reduction surgery at an early age. Revision breast reduction surgery is certainly possible;  this operation will serve to decrease the size of the breasts, lift the breasts, and improve the breast symmetry.  If at all possible it will be helpful to your chosen surgeon to have a copy of your previous operative report.  This will help your current surgeon avoid complications related to  blood flow to the breast tissue and nipple/areola complexes.

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Breast reduction revision

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This sometimes happens.  As we age and our bodies change (either due to hormonal changes or weight changes), women can gain weight back into their breasts and feel that they need another breast reduction.  This can certainly be done although it will be very helpful to your surgeon to obtain a copy of your original operative note so that he or she can understand what technique was used to reduce your breasts.  If you feel that one breast is still larger than the other, that can also be improved.  Your plastic surgeon should be able to tell you based on a physical exam, if you are a good candidate to benefit from a revisional breast reduction.   

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