One Breast Reduction. Will It Look Weird?

I have one larger breast. If i get it reduced will it be shaped funny from the other? Or would i need to get the one reduced and lifted to make them both look normal because they sag some.

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Unilateral breast reduction

you will never be symmetrical but making the larger breast smaller is a first step toward symmetry.If the other breast doesn't sag I would leave it alone.

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Breast reduction on one side

If only one breast concerns you, you can have a reduction-uplift on that. Your plastic surgeon should be able to come close in matching the breast size and shape. If you have both altered, it may be easier to get more symetry. Watch my video!

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
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Breast reduction on one side only?

If you have any sagging on your smaller side, have that side lifted.  You will likely get a much better result as far as shape goes.  I do almost all my reductions and lifts using a vertical technique which I think results in a nice and long lasting shape.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D>

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Breast reduction/lift in asymmetric breasts


Over the years I have learned that an operated breast looks always "different" than the non-operated one. This because of the "rounder shape" and scars of the operated breast. I tend to recommend both breasts to be operated on.

Obviously you would have to consult with a plastic surgeon and have him examine you and than give you his recommendations. There are several excellent surgeons in your area.

Good luck.

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Breast reduction on one breast. Will it look weird?

The answer to that question is really based on how both breasts appear. If both breasts are quite ptotic (droopy) then they both would need to be lifted and the larger one reduced, so that the nipple areola complexes can be at a similar height. In the case were one breast has an excellent shape then the goal would be to reduce the opposite side and with the proper measurements create equal distances between the nipple areola complex to both the mid line jugular notch and inframammary crease. Those cases are quite rare since there is usually an issue with the opposite breast. Sometimes even if you are not displeased with the shape and appearance of the smaller breasts, it is difficult to get a good match with the opposite larger side without addressing both.

One Breast Reduction. Will It Look Weird?

Regarding: "One Breast Reduction. Will It Look Weird?
I have one larger breast. If i get it reduced will it be shaped funny from the other? Or would i need to get the one reduced and lifted to make them both look normal because they sag some

Since 99% of women have asymmetric breasts your issue is extremely common. The solution would depend on the extent of asymmetry and what YOU consider attractive or "weird".

If both breasts sag, I would suggest that both breast would look better once they are lifted. If you tell your Plastic surgeon that you would like the larger sagging breast to look like the smaller breasts but lifted, then you should do well with a breast lift on the smaller side and a unilateral breast reduction on the larger side where the surgeon will try to match it to the smaller side.

The most important thing is to communicate with your surgeon about what you like and do not like and then learn from him what it possible in your case.

Dr. Peter Aldea

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Treating breast asymmetry

If one breast is bigger but both are saggy then just lift the small one and lift and reduce the big one to match.

What to do with one breast larger than the other?

Breast Assymtery is a very individual problem.  It depends on the actual shape and size of each breast and the goals of the young lady.  If size is the only problem - liposuction of one breast can be helpful.  If one breast sags more than the other - unilateral reduction/lift may be the answer.  If they are both too large and saggy - bilateral lift/reductions with differential amounts of breast tissue being removed could help.

Seek the advise of a board certified plastic surgeon and ask them for examples of their work with breast assymetry.

Richard J. Greco, MD

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Breast asymmetry correction works great.


Breast reduction on just one side is commonly done, and with good technique, should give you excellent symmetry. We almost always use the lollipop technique.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Unilateral vs. Bilateral Breast reduction

A unilateral breast reduction can come pretty close to matching the other side.  In deciding what to do with the other side however, it must be examined.  If it is low, it is better to get them both up where they need to be.  If the other breast if fine, a unilateral reduction/lift should be fine.

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