I Had a Breast Reduction Almost 4 Weeks Ago and I Am Unhappy with the Results. Is It Too Soon to Worry? (photo)

At 5'2, 138 lbs, I was a 36DD. I had severe back, neck and shoulder pain so I had the surgery. My surgeon and I decided I'd be a C cup but I'm no where near that! My breasts are still hard and have lumps. I also got blisters on one breast and it is now infected. The infection is being treated but I'm more concerned with the size and shape. I feel like a man! Will they get bigger? What are my options? Should my surgeon fix this at a reduced rate (if surgery/implants are my only option)?

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Breast Reduction Almost 4 Weeks Ago - Unhappy with the Results.

Thank you for your question. I agree with the other colleagues that breast reductions may take a while to heal and settle. Being only 4 weeks, I would not be concerned for the shape and the volume, yet. I tend to see my patients at 1 week and 4 weeks to monitor the healing and 8 to 12 weeks to assess shape and size. Contact your surgeon and he/she will assist you during the process of healing. Only in a few months you will see the final result and you will take it from there. Hope it helps.

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Focus on wound healing first

GALaw87, the voyage through breast reduction often involves delays. Hopefully your musculoskeletal symptoms have largely resolved with the surgery.  The firmness of your breasts is not unusual given the recency of your surgery.  Do express your concerns to your PS and follow his/her instructions.  The first priority should be wound healing over the left "inverted T".  The lumps may represent areas of "fat necrosis", which usually absorb over time.  With respect to the size and shape, do realize that they will change, soften, and adopt a more natural form.  Good luck.

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
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Breast reduction

Hi there,

I think there are two issues here to consider.

Firstly is your wound healing. Clearly there are some issues in the lower part of the skin which are going to take time to heal and may even require some revisional surgery. This isnt a big deal and should not detract from the result in the long term. In the short term you will need to be patient, but hopefully you have a good relationship with your PS and he will help you through this period.

The second issue is the long term result. Really at this stage it is too early to tell. Your breasts will soften once everything is healed and they will settle and take on a more natural shape. This will take time, but I dont thing with the issues you are currently having we can make a decision on how the final result will look and whether or not your will need additional surgery.

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