1 Month Post-Op Breast Reduction and my Left Breast Healed Fine, my Right Breast Will Not Heal, Why? (photo)

hi i had a breast reduction about 4 weeks ago and my left breast healed so fast and is looking really good, but my right breast has got something goin on there its taking forever to heal and when i go to see surgeon they say its normal and gave me cream to put on it but im still not seeing much of a defference and i have been on the silver sulfadiazine cream for about 2 weeks already..is this normal? will this ever heal? how does this happen? may i add i never smoked a day in my life!

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Breast healing

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Sometimes one breast heals without problems and the other does not.  Local wound care is often all that is necessary in many cases of some skin healing issues.  Follow your doctor's recommendations carefully.

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Healing problems after breast reduction surgery

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Healing is never symmetric.  It is not uncommon with any plastic surgical procedure when two sides are operated upon that one side will do better than the other.  But over time the two sides will even out and if the surgery was planned and performed correctly everything will balance out in the end.  You have an open area due to lack of blood supply in this zone.  Continue to follow your plastic surgeons recommendations and eventually it will heal.  After it is healed you may need a small scar revision

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Wound Healing Problems after Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Unfortunately, what you are experiencing is a known complication after breast reduction surgery. You will find the with time and local wound care, that the wound will gradually close. This process may take several additional weeks. Ultimately, scar revisionary surgery may or may not be necessary to improve the results of your surgery.

Hopefully, ultimately you'll be very happy with the results of the breast reduction surgery.

In the meantime, continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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