Had a Breast Reduction and Theyre Still Uneven?

At the end of August I had a breast reduction on one breast because they were a couple cup sizes difference. Its almost January now and they are still uneven to the point i still have to wear a silicone cup in my bra.. are they ever going to even out? do i have to get another surgery because it was so painful.

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Breast Reduction and Asymmetry?

Thank you for the question.

Based on your description  and the level of concern you have with the existing breast asymmetry,  revisionary surgery will likely be necessary.  You may find that this procedure is less extensive and “painful” then the initial breast reduction surgery.

Best wishes.

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Asymmetry after reduction

Likely, you are looking at the final size your breasts will be.  To acheive symmetry, it sounds as though you may need a revision of your breast reduction (some more tissue removed).  This can sometimes be done in an office setting using liposuction if there is not a considerable difference.

Samer W. Cabbabe, MD, FACS
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Breast asymmetry

Without seeing photos it is hard to say, but if you had a reduction on one side only and you feel that they are still uneven,  you may need  to wait a bit longer to see how they compare. They most likely will never be exactly the same.  Sometimes a touch-up with liposuction  may be done to adjust the volume difference.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast reduction

This is a tough problem .  Absolute symmetry is very difficult to achieve.  If your surgery was in August, I would assume that most of the swelling is gone, and your result is close to what it will be over the long term.  The corrective options vary with the degree of assymetry.  If you post a pic, it would help with advice.  Sometimes, something as simple as liposuction will lead to better symmetry.  Other times, surgery is required.

Good luck!!

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