Breast reduction, training and contraceptive?

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago. My doctor said that I should wait 7 weeks to start training again. I try to walk like 4 km every day and I'm wondering if I could start to training before these 7 weeks and what are the risks of training? (for example spinning). Also for a few years I used EVRA (contraceptive patch) because I lost weight. I stopped and I've gained weight, I wonder if after this operation I can use contraceptive patchs again and when.

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Exercise after Breast Reduction

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As always I recommend to please follow your doctor's advice.  That being said, after any breast procedure, I allow biking (particularly a recumbent one) as early as patient feels like it, followed by walking hills on a treadmill in two weeks, and finally any type of exercise at the six weeks mark.  The reason for this conservative approach is that the scars are healing and its probably best that that breasts do not move much.   Resuming contraceptives after four weeks should be reasonable.  Thank you for your question.

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