I Had a Breast Reduction Three Years Ago, and Strips Left a Scar From Allergy?

I had a reduction three years ago and I was allergic to the strips they used. It left a scar that is lifted and dark and long. It follows all the way to my sides because she cut it too long. Now my scars have healed and they are still raised and darker and reach all the way to my sides. They are very notciable. I wanted to know what can help that? I want them gone! Thank you for any help.

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Raised scars following breast reduction 3 years ago

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I'm sorry that you have had some unsatisfactory scars from your breast reduction. Unfortunately once an incision is made there will be a scar present. They may still improve over the next couple of years, but there may be some interventions that may improve them sooner.  It is difficult to give advice without an examination, or even seeing photos.  Please see your surgeon or another plastic surgeon to hear about your options.  This may range from re excising the scars to kenalog injections to silicone ointment or sheeting.

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