I Am Having Breast Reduction Surgery. I Have a Typical Rash, Will my Surgery Take Place?

I'm having breast reduction surgery tomorrow. I have a rash typical for women with huge breasts.will my surgery still take place?

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Breast reduction surgery if rash still present?

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Your surgeon will need to examine you to make that determination.  If the skin is intact, not infected and just mildly inflamed, it may be possible to proceed with surgery.  Otherwise it is best to try to clear the rash up first to optimize subsequent healing and to lower the risk of infection.

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Rash under breasts and reduction surgery

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You are correct that many breast reduction patients have a rash under the breast.   If the rash is severe and there is any evidence of infection then the surgery would be postponed until the condition has resolved.   This is just one of many factors that can affect healing after the procedure.  

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Breast Reduction with Rash?

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Thank you for the question.

Whether or not to proceed with surgery will be depend on the specific plastic surgeon and what he/she finds on physical examination. Any evidence of infection,  should lead to postponement of your surgery.

Best wishes.

I Am Having Breast Reduction Surgery. I Have a Typical Rash, Will my Surgery Take Place?

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Well did you have the reduction? Was the rash an issue in proceeding? Please respond so we can know the outcome. 

Surgery with active intertrigo

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Generally, if you have basic intertrigo, the operation would take place. The surgery would excise the irritated area. If what you are referring to is a much more serious rash, for which oral medication would be required, then it is possible that the surgery could be postponed. The general rule is that, if the condition is systemic and not localized, it could be a problem and it is much wiser to take the safe, conservative road.

Rash and Breast Reduction Surgery

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The short answer is: It depends. You should ask your surgeon to evaluate your rash. If it appears that there is an infection present, it may be safer for you to defer your surgery. If it is just irritation, your surgeon may feel comfortable proceeding with surgery particularly if it is not in an area where there will be incisions. Good luck with your surgery.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
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