Need Second Breast Reduction Surgery. How Should I Time it?

I am a 54 year old post menopausal woman, 5'-6", 155 lbs, in good health. I had breast reduction surgery 15- years ago that insurance covered. I was "devistated" with the results of my first surgery. The surgeon took me from a triple D, to a large C/small D. I have just been told by a neurosurgeon that I require spinal surgery to fix C4-5, C5-6, herniated dics, and have severe shoulder indentations, I am currently a 38- DDD. Should I get another breast reduction prior to the spinal surgery?

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Timing of Breast Reduction Surgery in relation to Spine Surgery?

Thank you for the question.

I think it will be best to time the breast reduction surgery (in relation to the spine surgery)  after discussion with your spine surgeon. If he feels the spine surgery should be done in the near future,  it will be best to wait on having a breast reduction procedure.  Otherwise, the timing of the breast surgery will be up to you.

Best wishes for successful outcomes with both planned procedures.

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It is not unusual to require a second reduction

years after the original.  Plastic surgery is never a permanent fix; the areas which were corrected will continue to age with the rest of you, and depending upon genetics and life changes.  For example, if you have gained or lost weight, if you have had one or more pregnancies, your breasts will change.  Don't forget the skin on your breasts is becoming thinner and less elastic as you age, just like the rest of your skin.  The reduction may help with some of your upper back and neck discomfort, but discuss the timing with the neurosurgeon and the plastic surgeon.  I am still amazed by how quickly patients say they feel less stress on their neck and upper back after breast reduction, sometimes immediately after surgery!  Good luck!

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Repeat breast reduction

I would defer to your neurosurgeon and his assessment of your spinal situation.  If he feels that the back surgery can't wait, then I would proceed with that.  I also believe that a major part of your pain pattern has resulted from a weight gain since it is apparent that your bra size has increased from a C to DDD over the past 15 years.  If you are able to lose weight (and this might be a consequence of alleviation of your back problems), if might have the positive consequence of reducing your breast size as well.  Also be aware that whereas your back surgery will be covered by insurance, breast reduction would require a preauthorization process which could take at least 30-45 days.  It is possible that the insurance carrier will deny the breast surgery until the back problems have been independently addressed.

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Timing of breast reduction before spinal surgery

Breast reduction will make you much more comfortable, especially during recovery from your back surgery.  Definitely have the reduction first!

Daniel Greenwald, MD
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