Is Breast Reduction Surgery Possible Without Any Side Effects?

i am 21 year old unmarried women with very large and heavy breast ..this make me feel very much uncomfortable.i probably wanna take a breast reduction surgery but am not mentally strong to take the surgery because of having less knowledge about the surgery and the problems that may arise after having the it possible to have a best surgery to reduce those heavy size without any side effects and the scars on them...

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Breast reduction

There is no way to have a reduction without scars. If your breasts have a significant fatty composition, then liposuction can make them smaller with minimal scars, but some scars are needed. Any surgery has scars, complications, and side affects.

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Breast reduction surgery. Complications

Breast reduction surgery has the highest patient satisfaction rate. 98% of patients are either happy or very happy with the results. Unfortunately this does not mean it is without complications. All surgeries carry the risk of complications including 100% chance of scars. The surgery is extremely effective in decreasing the pain resulting from the weight of the breast

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Breast Reduction Surgery and its Complications?

Thank you for the question.

Breast reduction surgery tends to be one of the most patient pleasing operations would perform. However, like any other operation, breast reduction surgery carries its own potential set of risks/complications.  It sounds like it will behoove you to educate yourself about the operation as well as the potential downsides and risk/complications associated with the operation.   Only after carefully considering the pros/cons associated with any surgical procedure will you be able to determine whether to proceed or not.  Visiting with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon may also help you during this education process.

You may also find the attached link helpful to you in this regard.

 Best wishes.

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Breast Reduction and Scars

 Breast reduction carries the usual surgical risks of infection, bleeding, and complications of anesthesia. However, in the right hands the risk of these complications is minimized. Your best bet is to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in consultation, the surgeon will be able to explain in detail what the possible complications of surgery are. Nothing can be guaranteed, but if you are in good health you should not have any problems. Breast reduction does leave incision scars, with any surgery there are resulting scars, but a knowledgeable breast reduction specialist will know how to minimize them along with scar care treatment following surgery. Good luck.

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Breast reduction surgery

Any surgery performed can have complications. If you are healthy the chance of complications are lower than patients with underlying medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.

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