I Had Breast Reduction Surgery 8 Weeks Ago and I now Have Dry Itchy Skin, Why is this?

I STILL have dry itchy skin. I never had thie BEFORE the surgery, so I am assuming it is related to the surgery. Why is this and what can I do?

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Dry itchy skin after breast reduction

Dry itchy skin after a breast reduction may be part of the healing process.  You should talk to your doctor about how he wants you to treat the area.

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Dry itchy skin after breast reduction

There are a few possibilities that could explain your dry itchy skin following breast reduction surgery. 

First, if you are applying an antibiotic ointment or had steri-strips on your incisions, you may be experiencing a mild allergic reaction.  This is treatable by avoiding whatever is causing the irritation and the use of a mild steroid cream as needed. 

Second, the surgery could have interrupted some of the sympathetic nerves which go to sweat glands in the skin.  As healing progresses and these nerves recover, the dryness gets better.  In the meantime, use moisturizers liberally and frequently.

Third, the surgery could also have temporarily altered circulation to areas of the breast skin, which can affect how sweat and oil glands function.  This, too, should resolve on its own over time.  I would recommend that this also be treated with moisturizing.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.

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