Breast reduction surgery techniques

Can you please clarify the different surgical techniques used during breast reduction surgery? What is a lollipop technique? What is an anchor technique? Is it beneficial to have a surgical cut underneath the breast, against the chest wall? I am a 34DDD interested in going to a "C" Cup. Also, is liposuction routinely done on the lateral breast area?

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Breast Reduction Techniques

Thank you for your question. More breast drooping means more excess skin. The skin removal allows us to push the breast up; to "elevate" the breasts. More skin removal requires longer scars. "Anchor technique" refers to a scar pattern that resembles an anchor. This technique allows for optimal skin removal and contouring of the breasts but it leaves the longest scars including the long one beneath the breasts.

Most surgeon will use the anchor technique since most patients require it. My guess is that you would do better with this technique since you are currently DDD. There is a newer technique that allows us to get considerable lift and contour improvement leaving one with a "lollipop" scar. You could ask your surgeon if you are a candidate for this.

Yes, it is common to do liposuction of the lateral breast area.

Please make sure your plastic surgeon is board certified and has an expertise in the different options for breast reduction. Ask to see his or her pre and post operative patient photos. You'd be pleased to know that breast reduction surgery has probably the highest rate of patient satisfaction despite the scars.  

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Breast reduction techniques

I use a lollipop incision which is an incision that ends up being around the border of the areola and a vertical incision from the lower border of the areola down to the breast fold for small reductions. For women that are larger an inverted -T incision which adds a transverse inframammary incision in the breast fold is used.  Liposuction can often be done to the lateral fold when necessary.

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Breast reduction techniques

There are many techniques used for breast reduction surgery. Most depend on the amount of extra skin and extra tissue you have. The more skin that needs to be removed to lift the breast while making it smaller determines the technique chosen. Liposuction is performed in the lateral area when indicated. Each surgeon may use different techniques based on their training as well. I would recommend you research the surgeon, not the technique. Pick a board certified surgeon who performs the procedure regularly and you like the results. Let them explain to you further the technique they like and why. But ultimately I recommend picking the surgeon not the technique.

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Breast reduction surgery techniques

Many thanks for a very clear question.Lollypop technique as the name suggests ends into a Lollypop shaped scar that has a circle around the areola with a vertical limb in the lower half of breast going up to the infra mammary crease .While in Anchor technique you will have as mentioned above a scar plus a scar on the infra mammary crease.If you have a large fold of skin on the lateral side of chest wall liposuction in that area is going to be helpful.

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