Can I Have a Breast Reduction on a Relatively Small Breast?

I have breast asymmetry. One breast is a small B, the other a small C. Could I have the C cup breast reduced to match the B cup? I understand there would be scarring..will this fade? Could liposuction "scarless" reduction be an option? I don't want implants because I plan to have children eventually and breastfeed, also I don't know if I'll have the money down the road for repeat surgeries to replace implants. I'm 19. Please advise.

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Single breast reduction

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Yes, it is possible to reduce your larger breast so that it is closer in symmetry to the smaller one. Scars do fade over time and tend to be hardly noticeable after several years.  I would recommend a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon to help you decide which approach would be best for you.  Good luck!

Katy Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction for breast asymmetry

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It is a common procedure to reduce one breast to match the opposite side

With small breasts it is often possible to do a reduction through a circumareolar incision

This will give the least scarring

Fat grafting may work well

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1st: small reduction is possible with most advanced Ultrasound Assisted liposuction with out any scars and down time.

2nd: My recommendation is fat grafting in smaller size breast to match it with bigger one or proper b cup size. as it will solve all your problem and you will have good volume too for great look. 

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Breast Reduction for Symmetry

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Yes, Reducing the larger breast is a common approach to correct breast asymmetry. The technique to do this (for example, liposuction, inferior reduction, or combination of reduction and lift) is all determined by your physical exam. At the time the plastic surgeon will measure a number of features of both breasts and formulate an individual surgical approach to meet your goals. Always choose a board certified plastic surgeon.

Breast Reduction on a Relatively Small Breast?

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Thank you for the question.

Although it is not possible to give you precise advice without direct examination, it is certainly  possible to improve breast symmetry without the use of breast implants. A breast “reduction” on the C cup breast and/or liposuction surgery may be indicated.  Liposuction alone is useful in a very small percentage of patients who have the need for a small degree of “breast reduction” and satisfactory overlying skin elasticity qualities.

As you mentioned, the downside of breast reduction surgery will be scarring which  generally improves with time. This scarring will be the “trade-off” you will need to consider in return for the improvement in breast symmetry. Keep in mind, that absolute symmetry is generally not achievable.

I hope this helps.

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