Does a Breast Reduction Remove Skin on Top of Nipple?

i am curious to know if a breast reduction removes the skin on top of the nipple? i have a scar there so i was curiou.

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Skin Removal with Breast Reduction?

Thank you for the question.

With the breast reduction procedure, generally the nipple/areola complexes  are moved superiorly. This part of the procedure involves removal of some skin above the current position of the nipple/areola.  Your existing scar may or may not fall in the area of planned skin excision. This will need to be discussed with your operating plastic surgeon.

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Skin removal and breast reduction

Removal of skin above the nipple is done in some individuals depending upon the size of the breast and the degree to which the nipple complex has to be moved superiorly.

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Skin removal in breast reduction

In the vast majority of breast reduction cases, skin is removed from around the nipples since most of these breasts are sagging and need to have the nipple and areola lifted. In a rare situation, a liposuction reduction may be all that is needed and here the skin is left intact for the most part and the lifting of the breast is a result of the decrease in weight.

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A breast reduction remove skin on top of nipple

Simple answer is YES! But it needs to be explained to you in detail for your complete understanding. seek 3 opinions from boarded plastic surgeons in your area. From MIAMI Dr. B

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Breast reduction removes skin all around the nipple

When you do a breast reduction the nipple complex has to be elevated with the remaining breast.  The skin on the surface has to be tightened.  All of the skin that is excessive after the breast is reduced has to be removed.  All of the breast reduction techniques will have a scar that goes all the way around the areola because skin is removed to raise the nipple.  The scar around the areola also accomplishes the resizing of the areola.

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Breast reduction and skin scar removal

A breast reduction commonly removes skin (and the associated) scar above the nipple. The amount of skin to be removed depends on the amount of sagging. Tell your surgeon to draw the markings on you so that you can see exactly what will be removed prior to surgery,

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Breast Reduction frequently removes Skin above the Nipple

There are many Breast Reduction techniques out there. They share in common their abilities to make the breast smaller AND to lift it so the nipple complex is repositioned at a higher more attractively appropriate location.  As a result, some of the skin above the current location of the nipple in a sagging breast is commonly removed.

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