PO Breast Reduction, What Is The Best Way to Treat Redness and Scar?

1-what is the best method to remove the redness. ( I have a lot ) 2-what is the best method to flatten the hyper tropic scarring? Thank you

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The best way to treat incisions after breast reduction is to leave them alone.

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Scar creams don't work. Silicone strips made protect the incisions from abrasion by clothing and bra's. Otherwise just leave the scars alone for the best result.

Scars post reduction

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I think silicone strips or some type of cream such as mederma or kelcoate are good.some of my patients will use both strips and cream.

Treating scars after a breast reduction

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The best way to treat redness of a scar is by using some type of silicone product on the scar either sheeting or a liquid preparation.  

Minimizing scars

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While there is no guarantee how each patient will scar, most patients are pleasantly surprised with the minimal scarring after their procedure. Scars are typically around the areola and in an inverted T or anchor pattern beneath the breast. Depending on the patient’s skin quality, we can sometimes offer a short scar breast reduction.

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