What to Do About Breast Reduction Quarter Size Opening at T Spot and Lump/knot Along Anchor and Dog Ears? (photo)

I had BR May 20th & have a knot & also have a qtr size hole at the T spot. Dr saw it 2 weeks ago(hole only) & said only put a bandage over it. Looks no better & gauze has a greenish tint the shape of the hole but I don't see it leaking. There's a tiny black hole in it @ bottom of hole & I wonder if it is leaking from inside there??? The lump/knot came up last week and is across anchor ... AND, I have huge dog ears on both underarm areas.....

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What to Do About Breast Reduction Quarter Size Opening at T Spot and Lump/knot Along Anchor and Dog Ears? (photo)

This is the most common tension breakdown area in breast reductions. I personally use PRP washings (there is a fee for each session of $200) Plus red light IPL therapies to help the healing. As for the "dog ear" deformities that needs revision under local anesthesia. 

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Wound healing problem and

The wound will likely heal with minimal treatment with simple dressing changes, this will take a while a month or so but is likely the best way to deal with the wound dehiscence.  The "dog ears" in the photo are actually lateral chest wall fat.  This is a common problem with breast reduction and can be anticipated usually.  I try to make my patients aware of that they will have this roll with a breast reduction and give them options on how they can be dealt with.  Managing them is not part of the breast reduction procedure but can be added as part of the procedure. 

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Wound healing issues following a breast reduction

The wound opening is likely to heal on its own.  The back fat area is harder to deal with.  It is possible that your plastic surgeon liposuctioned this area.  Most insurance companies will not cover liposuctioning of the back and bra fat which is unfortunate because it is often a secondary problem.  

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Breast reduction issues and lateral chest rolls

Wound dehiscences ( breakdowns) often heal on their own. It looks like you are a bit overweight and the "dog ears' that you describe are really lateral chest rolls of fatty tissue and skin that require directe excision.

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