Safe Pregnancy After Breast Reduction?

I'm 26 and I don't have kids yet. I would like to know, can I have a pregnancy without complications after a breast reduction? Please help. Thank you in advance.

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Breast reduction and breast feeding

The vast majority of our breast reduction patients have been able to breast feed. That said, the more extensive the reduction, the higher the chance that breast feeding might not be possible.

Most mothers who had uncomfortably large breasts before pregnancy are very glad they had breast reduction when their breasts experience the normal volume increase of pregnancy.

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Yes, pregnancy is safe after breast reduction

Breast reduction should not interfere with having safe pregnancy in the future. Changes in the breast size should not affect your chances of getting pregnant. Although some women have been able to breast feed after breast reduction, in general this is not predictable. If you are planning to breast feed following breast reduction, it is important that you discuss this with your plastic surgeon prior to undergoing reduction mammaplasty.

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Pregnancy OK after breast reduction


Breast reduction should not interfere with your pregnancy at all. Your surgeon may recommend not attempting conception until the surgery has healed well (a few months).

Breast feeding ability is typically maintained with most reduction techniques. Breast feeding, gravity and getting older can all effect the breast contour, volume and firmness so some women will desire future procedures such as breast lift, but that is no reason to be concerned about pregnancy.

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A breast reduction will have no effect on pregnancy, it will not  create complications. Breast reduction can effect breast feeding, however. The potential for breast feeding is decreased after a reduction. 

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It is okay to have a breast reduction prior to a pregnancy

Don't worry. It is okay to have a breast reduction prior to pregnancy. Depending on the technique used, your ducts should remain intact and you should be able to breast feed. Breast reduction patients are some of our happiest patients because removing all of the extra weight allows you to lead a more active life. Good luck.

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Pregnancy is safe after a breast reduction

Pregancy is safe after breast reduction surgery. A more common question, is the ability to breast feed in most cases, with modern techniques the nipple is left attached to the underlying ducts and nerves so it preserves the ability to "try" and breast feed.

Having said that, some women with large breasts make very little milk, and some women with smaller breasts make a lot of milk. I encourage my patients to try and breast feed after breast reduction surgery, and most of them are successful.

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Carry on


Pregnancy really is not impacted by the performance of a breast reduction prior to it.  Breast feeding may be affected, as some breast tissue, some of which produces milk, is removed during the operation.  You may carry on with your childbearing plans.  Good luck!

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Yes you can

It is totally safe to become pregnant after a breast reduction. If you have never breast fed, you don't know what your body's capability for that is. I always tell patients they have a 50:50 chance of breast feeding afterwards. The surgery shouldn't substantially change your body's ability to breast feed using most modern techniques.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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I don't know if you had a reduction already or not. In any event, you should be fine. Several things to note include however. You may not be able to breast feed, or you may not produce enough milk, or you may be just fine (just have to see what happens). Your reduced breasts will be affected just the same as unoperated breasts so you may get a little sagging, enlargement, stretch marks, etc.


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Pregnancy and breast reduction are unrelated

Breast reduction surgery has no known impact on the ability to get pregnant or the course of future pregnancy. It also does not directly affect the ability to breast feed. There are reduction techniques that cut through milk ducts beneath the nipple and patients are still able to breast feed. However, there is no direct method to predict if a patient will ordinarily possess the ability to breast feed appropriately since some patients cannot breast feed their baby for various reasons even without having had breast surgery.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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