Is It Normal to Have Neck and Shoulder Tenderness 6 Months Post-Op Breast Reduction?

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Pain After Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question.

No,  is not normal to have neck and shoulder tenderness after breast reduction surgery. It would behoove you to be seen by your primary care doctor to evaluate the potential causes of the discomfort.  The differential diagnosis varies from an anatomic problem with the spine to musculoskeletal issues that may improve with physical therapy and/or exercise.

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Neck tenderness after breast reduction

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One of the gaols of breast reduction is improvement in posture, cervical strain, and upper back pain following the procedure. Just as the cause of back strain and tenderness have may factors, breast weight is one of them, and some will have persistent tenderness despite breast reduction. Continue with a good support bra, and you may wish to consider yoga or other exercise to develop better strength and mobility.

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