Four Years Post Breast Reduction, Wasn't Diligent With Scar Treatment, Developed Keloids. What to Do?

I had a breast reduction in 2008. I wasn't diligent with the recommended scar treatment (massage, silicone sheeting). Months after, I began to develop the keloids. They grew gradually and then stopped. They are dark, raised and shiny and look like someone coloured outside the lines of my actual incisions. My PS said that he would excise the scar and follow with kenalog but he didn't sound hopeful. What are my chances with "triple keloid therapy" excision, kenalog, silicone, compression?

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Treatment of keliod scars

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Thank you for your question. There is a difference between keloid and hypertrophic scarring. But going back to your question; I would advise to follow what your plastic surgeon recommends. There is always a chance of recurrence even with multimodality therapy.

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