Breast Reduction Incision Pain and Bleeding?

I am five days post op from my breast reduction. The incisions underneath the breasts are very sore and bleeding slightly. I'm off narcotic meds and taking ibuprofen. I've showered twice and have been using non stick gauze to dress the wounds. I suspect my bra is riding up and causing the irritation. I don't feel comfortable going braless. Also one breast seems more swollen than the other. Should I be concerned? What can I do to be more comfortable?

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Breast Reduction Pain

I recommend that you not wear a bra and switch to an ace wrap fpr compression. This way the band to the bra will not impinge on your incision and the ompression from the garment with provide some reliefe from pain and reduce swelling.

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Breast Reduction Incision Pain and Bleeding

     Incision pain and slight bleeding from incisions may be normal.  One breast being more swollen than the other may be normal as well.  However, if there is increased pain or significant swelling call your plastic surgeon.  Being uncomfortable at 5 days is the rule.  You should notice improvement each day.

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