Breast Reduction then Implants?

I have DD breasts that each weigh 3.2kg (Im Aussie), and since having children,my nipples have dissappeared under the breast and can't be seen when I look in the mirror. This causes me pain everywhere (back, neck, shoulders and ribs) from the sheer weight and I dont even let my husband see me naked anymore. Is it at all possible to have a breast reduction/lift and then get implants (I hear they are much lighter than real breast tissue). I like my current size, just not the shape and weight.

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Breast Reduction Lift +/- Small Implant for Back Pain Relief

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Actually the breast implants may be pretty similar to the weight of your existing breasts. Therefore smaller breasts are the way to go with or without implants on top for fullness if missing. Secondly by having firmer more compact breasts that don't overly move (swing with motion) will also decrease some of your symptoms most likely. Fat transfer instead of implants can also be an option.

Breast reduction and lifting.

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A breast reduction provides a lift to the breasts as well. Many times the lift alone improves the symptomatology of the breasts. A useful analogy is a backpack filled with books. If the straps are loose and the backpack sags, it is difficult to carry. But if you tighten the straps and lift the backpack up snug against your back, it is easy to carry. The same can be said with breasts - having large breasts in a better position on the chest wall can significantly improve the symptoms of neck and back pain. I do not advocate the placement of implants following a breast reduction.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift With Implants?

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Starting with a Breast Lift / Breast Reduction is definitely the way to go.  Once the initial healing (at least three months) has taken place, then think about going back in for implant placement.  The lift / reduction with give you that "perk" back but I have found with most woman, they are looking for that fullness in the upper portion of the breasts. This really can only be achieved with an implant.

With all that being said, doing the Breast Lift / Reduction with breast implants at the same time leaves you with a lot of possible complication.



Nipples have gone missing under the breast

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First, the 3.2 kg breast is massive by any standard. Second, the nipple folded under the breast is just too much for anyone to bear. My bet is a full 'T' pattern breast lift/reduction will get the nipple up front and center, and the reduction of 1000 gm would do you a bit of good. The implant thing is just over reaching and they indeed are not lighter than breast tissue.

Is breast reduction followed by implants a good idea?

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Based upon your complaints, you sound like a good candidate for a breast reduction. It can improve your discomfort, as well as improve the shape and appearance of your breasts. Removing healthy breast tissue for cosmetic reasons followed by placement of implants is almost never a good idea. For any given volume (size), the difference in weight between an implant and your natural breast tissue is likely to be minimal. You would also be exchanging healthy breast tissue for all of the complications that go along with breast implants, as well as a lifetime of implant maintenance procedures.

I would recommend that you consult with board-certified plastic surgeons, who can obtain a complete history, perform a physical exam and help you to determine the best option for reaching your long-term goals.

Good luck.

Breast Reduction and Implants

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I have done breast reductions and implants and feel there can be a place for this in selected patients.  It seems very contradictory at first in that we are reducing the size of the breast with the reduction and then enlarging the breast with an implant.  The breast tissue and the implant are not necessarily equivalent however.  Some women with large and heavy breasts want to keep their present size but achieve a more lifted breast and more upper fullness.  I think it is difficult to lift a heavy breast and get upper fullness for any length of time.  By first reducing the size of the breast it is easier to lift them and maintain them in a lifted position.  Then, at a second procedure, an implant can be inserted to give more upper fullness and a greater sense of firmness and youthfulness to the breast.  This is not an ideal situation and is not appropriate for everyone but I do think it has its indications and we are starting to hear more discussion of this at some of our medical meetings.

Breast Reduction then Implants?

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A breast reduction reduces the size of your breasts

A breast augmentation increases the size of your breasts

Threfore it does not make sense to combine the two procedures

The breast can be lifted at the same time as the reduction, and sometimes enhanced with mesh support


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The best thing to do is going to be an anchor lift. Without an exam it’s hard to really be exact on what you would benefit the most. If you like your size and all you want to change is the shape a lift can help with that


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction and implants

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Another option would be a reduction to improve your shape, but a small implant to give you better central and upper breast fullness that may be difficult to achieve with your tissues...a photo would be helpful to answer this question but this is a procedure that can be done at the same time in the properly selected patient.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Implants weigh the same as breast tissue

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Thank you for your question. From the information that you provided, you need a breast reduction to improve the shape and contour of your breasts and provide the lift that you need. You can go down to a D cup to relieve the pain that you have and still be quite large. Breast implants weigh almost exactly the same as breast tissue so it makes no sense to have a reduction and then get implants unless you wind up a lot smaller with the reduction than you want to be.

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