Breast Reduction Hematoma. Concerned About Pain and Swelling Returning After Aspiration.

had a BR almost 4 weeks ago, one has healed fine etc, other was very hard from day one and much more swollen. By week 2 I managed to get it aspirated after ultrasound showed the fluid. However the pain and swelling returned and again it was aspirated, taking the same amount off. The soreness within a couple of hours was bad and remains so and it has bruised more and swollen up again. Bit concerned it is filling up so quickly again. I dont go back until next week -

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Hematoma Recurrence after Breast Reduction?

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I'm sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced after breast reduction surgery. Given your description, it is very likely that fluid has re-accumulated. Again, based on your description I think it will be in your best interest for you to follow-up with your plastic surgeon earlier than scheduled. He/she will be in a much better position than online consultants to advise/treat you.

Best wishes for the remainder of your recovery.

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