Breast Reduction with Free Nipple Graft. My Nipples Look Black?

I had a breast reduction with free nipple graft a week ago, My question is, do I put the bacitracin ointment all over the nipple, my nipples look black and I am afraid they are dying.

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Treatment of The Dying Nipple

By all means this is a question for your plastic surgeon. If you feel that your nipples are not surviving then make an appointment with your plastic surgeon as soon as possible for guidance and wound care instructions rather than seeking advice from an unknown internet source.

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Breast Reduction and Nipples look Blackā€¦

Make sure that you are staying in close communication/contact with your plastic surgeon; he/she  should be involved with every decision involving your care. Online consultants should not be doing so.

 Best wishes.

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Black nipples after nipple graft

You should make your surgeon aware of the situation. Sometimes the top layer of skin does turn black and the underlying nipple is still OK. 

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