How Far Can a Breast Reduction Go for a Medium-big B Cup? Gynecomastia

I have gynecomastia and am having surgery to get a reduction. I am kinda fat so I'm hoping the breasts left over will look like fat guy ones and not girl ones. The surgeon was a heavy man and said I would have ones like him. How small do you think I could get after surgery? Like I want as small as possible. If I'm not happy with the results i'll look for a bigger the female to male transgender kind. But being heavy id like to see how small I can go with this reduction. thoughts?

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You're on the right track

You and your surgeon are approaching your problem intelligently. Your surgeon probably believes he cannot get rid of all your breast tissue and extra skin without making more extensive incisions and scars, therefore you and he are compromising your final result in order to minimize the amount of surgery and scarring. If you are not completely happy with the result after this "smaller" operation, you can always go back for more. 

It is impossible to give you an exact idea of how small you will be, but you should be confident your surgeon will be getting you as small as he can given the limitations of this smaller operation. 


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