Can I Get a Breast Reduction for Free at a 36DD?

Am 19 at 5'7 and 125lbs and I have back pains because my breast are big for my body frame

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Free reduction

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It may be covered by your insurance and if so it depends on your deductible and how much of it has been met.

Breast Reduction for Free

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Breast reduction can be paid through insurance. You will need to meet the criteria of your insurance company, and ensure that you have proper documentation. The percentage paid will be based on your insurance plan and whether your surgeon participates within the network.

Breast Reduction - Can I Get a Breast Reduction for Free

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We assume that you're asking if your breast reduction will be covered by your insurance (very little is truly free; SOMEONE'S paying for it!)  That depends on the specifics of your body (height, weight, bra size) and your insurance company.  Each company has its own criteria.  It is, in general, getting harder and harder to have procedures such as these "covered," but the larger your breasts are relative to your overall body frame, the greater the likelihood this surgery would be covered. In order to determine that you should contact your insurance company, get a list of surgeons who accept the insurance as full payment (ie who are "on the panel") and then go meet with a few of them.  See which ones you like and then ask them to help you check this with your insurance company.  Hopefully, you will be able to have the surgery without having to pay anything extra.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Breast reductions can be covered by health insurance

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Since you are relatively thin, it is very likely your back pain is due to the large size of your breasts. I would consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for a complete examination and review your current health insurance. The plastic surgeon typically will submit photos of your breasts and a letter of medical necessity to the insurance company. Once approved you should be able to have your surgery almost entirely covered by your health insurance; however this may depend on the specific plan you have and the size of your breasts.


Best wishes,


Breast reduction

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If you mean not paying anything or getting it covered by insurance, the answer is probably no. Not even in a resident clinic will it be performed for free.  If it is through insurance, then it is possible depending upon your exam and symptoms.

Breast reduction coverage

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Each insurance company has its own criteria.  Begin by checking on your insurance company's website to ascertain what criteria it imposes.  Then you will know whether there are requirements that you have yet to fulfill in terms of documented conservative medical management.  Generally, the insurers expect to see proof that, for a certain time period, you have tried medication, chiropractic, physical therapy,etc. which have been unavailing and that there have been complaints to your medical doctors.  If you are looking for "free" surgery, then you will need to see an in-network physician in an in-network facility and still meet any deductibles and co-payments.

Breast reduction for free?

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If you have health insurance, you might want to check your policy to see what criteria need to be met for them to cover breast reduction surgery.  Your plastic surgeon's office or insurance coordinator may help you with this process.  If you are a candidate for insurance coverage under your policy (there is "medical necessity" for the surgery), you may still have a deductible to meet or other fees that you will be responsible for.  There is no "free" surgery, as medical care costs are significant.  Insurance helps pay for some of those costs, and every policy is not the same. 

Insurance may cover surgery

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If you do have medical insurance, most insurance companies will cover the cost or a portion of your surgery (you will have to find a plastic surgeon that accepts your insurance). However, the surgery is not technically free of cost.  Good Luck!

Breast Reduction Surgery for Free?

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Thank you for your question.

Sometimes your insurance will cover the breast reduction surgery (you would have to take care of any patient portion you may have) but otherwise, I do not think you can have the procedure performed for free as there are lots of expenses associated with having surgery.

Good Luck.

No free breast reductions

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Please understand that it costs the doctor and the facility and the staff and the insurance etc several thousands of dollars to do your surgery so it isn't actually reasonable to expect that this can be done for free for you.

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