Breast Reduction for Very Active People

I am a BIG time backpacker, hiker, canoer, climber, skier etc., 45yrs old. Just had a unilateral breast reduction. 1 lb was removed keyhole incision. Its day 6 now and I am down to 1 vicodin/day. I'm in good shape, no more than 5lbs overweight. How soon can I get back to backpacking? Tried to ask my doc this but I don't think he or the nurse have any clue what MY "usual activities" are. p.s. Is it odd that my doc didnt take a before and after picture? Thanks

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Return to Activity after Breast Reduction?

Thank you for the question.  Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure; it is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.  Despite your previous experience, I still think it is in your best interests to obtain “clearance” for your planned activities from your plastic surgeon. He is in the best position to advise you,  given that he knows exactly how you are healing etc. Keep in mind, that he is ultimately responsible ( as opposed to online consultants) for your care and surgical results.

Best wishes.

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Activity after breast reduction

First, on the pre and post op photos: anesthesia can have an amnesiac effect so your doctor may well have taken a preop photo (or took them at the consultation). Many plastic surgeons take postop photos at the 6 week point. As for your activity level, this is something important to share with your doctor before inquiring whether you can resume exercise. I advise my patients to begin mild exercise at 3-4 weeks postop and to step it up by 6-8 weeks. However, you should not be exercising while on Vicodin and should avoid weight bearing activities, such as backpacking, for at least 8 weeks postop.

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Breast reduction and activity

Provided that every thing heals well, I usualy allow patients to do aerobic actiivty at 3-4 weeks and heavy lifting by 6-8.  But you shoudl really ask your surgeon.

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Activity after breast reduction

There is very litttle the coud go wrong after two weeks, even in a very active individual. Three weeks healing might give you more confidence. Do you really want to walk off to the middle of nowhere on vicodin? Photos are a very good idea for everyone and probably are now just a part of good record keeping.

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Breast Reduction - Breast Reduction for Very Active People

I usually advise my patients that there is no exercise for three weeks after surgery.  At that point you can start slowly and then advance as tolerated.  You should, of course, clear all of this with your own PS before you do anything.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

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