How Does Breast Reduction Work?

i'm not lookin for implants i dont want anything put in me i just want them to make it smaller and to lift up. what would that be? is Breast Reduction Something That U Get in You or They Take off the Fat?

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How does Breast Reduction Work?

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Breast reduction surgery is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform. I believe this is the case because the operation  helps with “functional” issues caused by larger breasts. Neck, back, shoulder discomfort can be alleviated with this operation.

The operation is done by removing “extra” breast skin, adipose tissue, and breast tissue. The entire breast is “lifted” on the chest wall. The nipple/areola are also listed to be centered on the breast mound.

If you are interested in the procedure it may behoove you to visit with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

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How does a breast reduction work?

Implants are only necessary to increase the size of your breast.    If you desire to have smaller breasts and be lifted, then breast reduction is the procedure for you.   It works by leaving behind the nipple and some surrounding breast tissue.   Excess breast tissue and skin are removed, and the remaining skin is reshaped and redraped over the remaining breast mound and nipple to make your new breast.    

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Breast reductions create smaller better shaped breasts

Breast reduction is a procedure that removes unwanted skin, fat and breast tissue from the breast. It also raises the position of the nipples and reshapes the breast to a more youthful look. Sometimes very large breast cause bra strap grooves, rashes under the folds and back pain. These are reasons to have breast reduction surgery and may be covered by medical insurance. It also may improve the quality of your mammogram which is our important breast cancer detection device. Breast  reduction surgery has proven to be a procedure that patients say they wish they had done earlier.

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Facts about Breast Reduction

A breast reduction removes excess breast tissue, fat  and skin to produce a smaller more shapely breast.  During that procedure the nipple is attached to the remaining breast tissue and is lifted to aid the creation of a more pleasing looking breast.  There are different incision patterns (lollipop, inverted T, etc) use to gain access to the breast tissue and help determine the final breast shape. Consult with several board certified plastic surgeons for more detail as it pertains to your case.

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What EXACTLY is a Breast Reduction?

Regarding: "How Does Breast Reduction Work?
i'm not lookin for implants i dont want anything put in me i just want them to make it smaller and to lift up. what would that be? is Breast Reduction Something That U Get in You or They Take off the Fat

Breast Reduction involves making large breast smaller AND less saggy. There are several ways to reduce breast size and breast reduction methods have evolved and changed over the years. The technique offered you would depend on your chosen Plastic surgeon's experience, your breast size and your preferences.

To read everything you need to know about breast Reductions follow the link below

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How Breast Reduction works

Breast reduction removes breast tissue and skin. This is done in such a way that the breast is made smaller and lifted. Implants are used only when you wish the breasts enlarged.

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How Does Breast Reduction Work?

Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure where depending upon which of many techniques the breasts are decreased in size and the nipple/areolar complexes are lifted higher. You need to see in person a boarded plastic surgeon. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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Breast reduction or lift

If you want your breasts reduced somewhat and raised, you certainly can undergo a breast lift/reduction procedure.

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Its not only the size of your breast that counts, but also the shape

Since you are looking to have your breast lifted and perky and don't want to have an implant, you are a  candidate for a reduction mammoplasty or a mastopexy. Both of these lift and shape your breast without implants. The only difference is if and how much breast tissue is removed. When discussing this with your Board Certified plastic surgeon make sure they plan to shape your breast with the breast tissue and not the skin. Ask to see photos before and after 6-12 months after the breast surgery.

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Breast Reduction Always Includes Breast Lift

Breast Reduction is what you're talking about. This always includes making the breasts smaller and lifting them.

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