Breast reduction extra costs?

I recently found out that although the breast reduction will be covered by provincial health insurance, there are extras that won't be (up to $2500!). Obviously I'm in Canada. How much are extra costs typically and what exactly do the extra costs cover? Thanks!

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Extra costs for breast reduction

The additional fees for a breast reduction in Canada range from $2500 to $5500.
OHIP covers the basic removal of tissue for health reasons. OHIP does not care about whether or not you like the look of your breasts.
Plastic surgeons in Canada offer additional cosmetic lipo and sculpting. In our office the fee is usually $2500. While most patients think they are paying for liposuction, there is more to it, actually. The technique we use has significantly lower blood loss, scars are shorter/smaller, and it allows us to finetune the breast shape and sides without excessive scarring. I also feel the recovery is quicker as there is less swelling and no need for drains.

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