Breast Reduction from B-cup to A-cup for an Athlete?

I'm 26 years old, female, and VERY athletic. I work out nearly everyday in multiple competitive sports. I currently have a size B cup, which I know isn't huge, but my breasts get in the way of my workouts and throw off my balance. Several aerobic routines are painful to perform.

Is it possible to go from a B cup to an A, and would doing so even help?

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Breast Reduction for Athlete?

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Thank you for the question.

It would be in your best interest to meet with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals in detail.

Generally speaking,  the amount of breast reduction you are seeking  can be safely done. My main question will be: will the operation be worth your while?

Best wishes.

Small breast reduction in athletes & body builders

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Breast reduction surgery comes in all shapes and sizes. When you are describing is a small breast reduction or even a breast lift.

When planning this type of breast reduction surgery, it is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is very experienced and breast lift techniques in dealing with small breasts. Many times when doing a small lift, the focus must be on reshaping the contour of the breast rather than excising a great deal of tissue. This will create a smaller but pleasing breast mound. 

Breast Reduction may help your situation but an exam is necessary

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Hi there-

Without an examination and more thorough review of your goals, it is not possible to definitively answer your question, but can generally tell you that the reduction you describe should be possible. 

B to an A for reduction

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The bouncing around of your breasts would stil lhappen if you reduced yoru cup size. An A cup is pretty small. Liposuction may do the trick but the breasts may sag some more.

Breast reduction in athletic individual

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A B-cup is already very small. Making you any smaller require excising the small amount of breast tissue you already have and would essentially involve a subcutaneous mastectomy. In general breast reductions require significant amounts of tissue in order to make a difference, typically 300cc. This would be nearly impossible in a B-cup and would amount to 200cc. I am sure that this would provide you with sufficient relief to alleviate your symptoms.

Breast reduction in a smaller breast

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As an athlete it is easy to imagine a competitive advantage and increased comfort afforded by reduction of your B-cup breast to an A-cup. We have performed such a procedure on a swimmer, a dancer, and a young runner who needed reduction of just one side for symmetry. Breast reduction is a very flexible procedure and can be tailored to any size breast. For athletic individuals where the breast skin is firm and elastic we will often reduce the breast volume through a small incision under the nipple, much like a breast augmentation incision, and lift the breast tissue and reduce the breast along the under surface keeping an eye on the skin to produce a smooth contour. I have little success with liposuction on a small dense breast. If the skin is loose, even in a small breast, the skin may need to be tailored perhaps by a vertical (lollipop) pattern.

You should stay focused on the potential trade-offs with any reduction of breast volume. First, breast pain on exercise may not go away despite the reduction; just cannot be guaranteed. Second, you may reduce the ability to breast feed, and can risk sensation in the breast. Finally, the scar should be considered if skin reduction is required.

Best of luck,


Making breasts smaller

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It sounds as though you may be a candidate for a breast lift procedure with possibly some volume reduction. I agree with Dr. Blinski that there is no replacement for a physical exam or good photos to really know what to recommend to you.

Best of luck

Dr Edwards

A tight sports bra might be best option

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B to A is not a big reduction and I agree if you have enough fat there, lipo reduction might work. But your first and best option might be a tight sports bra.

B-cup to A-cup for an athlete

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PLEASE, Photos sure would help. But I would recommend Lipo reduction vs incisional reduction so to avoid any scars on your breasts.

Regards From Miami

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