Prior to surgery I was 36 FF. Breast Reduction Complications? (photo)

Prior to the surgery I was a 36FF My PS removed 700 grams / 800 grams. During the 1st week I was swollen my right breast got blisters. 1 week post my PS removed the blisters. 2 wks post surgery my left breast incision split. Its been 4 wks n my L breast has an open wound exposing red beefy tissue and the R is starting to do the same. my PS says it is "normal healing process" Im on sulfa cream and x2 daily care with mild soap and water and cover with non stick gauze. How can this be normal?

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Wound Healing Problem after Breast Reduction?

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I'm sorry to hear about the complications you are experiencing.  As you know wound healing problems can occur after breast reduction surgery;  with local wound care,  these wounds generally go on to heal over the course of a few weeks.

The most important thing is that it appears that your plastic surgeon is following you closely and treating the complication appropriately. It is very likely that you will be very pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure.

Thank you for sharing;  it may very well be that your experience will help other patients who experience similar complications.

 Best wishes.

Wound dehiscence after breast reduction

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Thank you for the question and photos.  Wound dehiscence, aka wound breakdown, is not normal but it can be fairly common for breast reduction especially when there is considerable tension on the closure.  The beefy red tissue underneath is actually good indicating that the blood supply is good.  It will take a while for the wounds to heal and you will likely benefit from a scar revision down the road.  For now just follow you plastic surgeons recommendation during the healing process.  It will be fine.

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Reduction Complications?

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Yes you have/had a postoperative complication of wound dehisce and fat necrosis. Appears as your PS is correctly treating the issues. 

Wound breakdown

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I think I answered this question earlier.  But wound breakdown is not normal but can happen and usually goes on to heal with local wound care. Revision of the scar can probably be done eventually. Follow closely with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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