Breast Reduction Complications?

Prior to the surgery I was a 36FF My PS removed 700 grams / 800 grams. During the 1st week I was swollen my right breast got blisters. 1 week post my PS removed the blisters. 2 wks post surgery my left breast incision split. Its been 4 wks n my L breast has an open wound exposing red beefy tissue and the R is starting to do the same. my PS says it is "normal healing process" Im on sulfa cream and x2 daily care with mild soap and water and cover with non stick gauze. How can this be normal?

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Breast reduction issue

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I would not say this is a "normal" ocurrence that we expect with every breast reduction but I will say it is a fairly common complication of surgery often minor that requires some local wound care with creams or wet to dry dressings. Usually this is all that is required for most cases for it to heal.  Follow your surgeons treatment plan carefully.  Good luck.

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Complication following Breast Reduction

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I am also sorry to hear you are having problems.  Larger breast reductions do have a higher complication rate.  The larger the breasts are and the more tissue you need to remove, the higher risk of having problems especially healing.  Your surgeon is probably saying this is "normal" in reference to the red beefy tissue you describe.  When an incision opens up you may see black, yellow and red tissue.  The goal is to get all the tissue looking red because that is healthy well vascularized tissue that has good blood flow and will go on to heal.  It is very important you follow the instructions so the areas can close.  Most will go on to heal and look great while some may need a revision of the scar at a later date.  I'm sure your surgeon will discuss this with you at the appropriate time.

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Breast Reduction and Incision Line/ Wound Healing Complications?

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I'm sorry to hear about the complications you have experienced after breast reduction surgery. Although it is not possible to give you precise  assessment and/or advice without direct examination or viewing pictures, some general comments may be helpful to you.

Incision line opening and or wound healing problems are complications seen occasionally after breast reduction surgery. For the vast majority of patients who experience these types of complications, their wounds go on to heal with dressing changes,  over the course of a few weeks. Occasionally, some patients require  surgical intervention,  such as debridement and/or wound closure.

 Most importantly, I would suggest that you  continue to follow up closely with your plastic surgeon who is in the best position to evaluate your situation and treat any issues that may prevent rapid wound healing. For example, unhealthy tissue may need to be debrided  and/or exposed sutures may need to be removed to allow for unimpeded wound healing.

 Again, generally speaking, the vast majority of patients who experience these types of complications go on to heal without sequelae. Occasionally, scar revision surgery may be necessary in the longer term.

 I hope this helps.

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