Is a Breast Reduction Followed by Breast Implants my Best Option?

I have lost 20kgs in the last couple months-so i lost alot of weight off my breasts. they were a 14E/F (australian sizes) and now they are a 12DD...but they sag, quiet alot! when i wear a bra they sit perky and fine but when i take the bra off they just hang down. i want the implants because i want perky looking breasts that sit up and look full and round (dont care that they look fake i like that look) would getting a breast redcution then breast implants help me get this look?

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Breast lift with implants question

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If you have a large amount of laxity or ptosis I usually have patients have the lift procedure first and see if they are happy with the result. If more upper breast fullness or a larger size is desired then after about 4 months we place the implants and do any touch up work that is needed. This staged aproach is my preferred approach but many doctors will do it all at once. I hope this helps.

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