Can I Get a Breast Reduction then Get BBL Surgery 3 Weeks Later?

I'm schedule for a breast reduction on 2/27 and BBL surgery on 3/20 is that an acceptable amount of time between surgeries? Or how long should I wait between procedures??

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Time between procedures

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will vary according to which doctor you see.  If you have to be placed prone on your breasts, I personally would want to wait longer than the 3 weeks you mention as you could experience wound separations from the prolonged pressure on your breasts when prone.  But as someone else has commented, you should check with your plastic surgeons about the timing between procedures.

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Order of surgery (breast reduction vs. butt lift)

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By BBL I'm assuming you're talking about a "Brazialian Butt Lift" with lipo and fat transfer to the buttoch.


While I don't think it's an absolute contraindication to do what you're suggesting, I think it makes much more sense to do the procedures in the other order as you're downtime from the BBL is shorter then a breast reduction and position issues would be less of an issue during the second surgery. It would make even more sense to consider doing these at the same time to compress your downtime to a single episode.


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This sounds like awful lot of surgery in a short period of time. I would allow a lot more time to pass before having the second procedure

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Time between procedures

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Based on the duration of the procedures, I would recommend a minimum of 6-8 weeks between them. Also, since both operations affect body contour, allow yourself the chance to adjust to your new shape before making final decisions about balancing the breasts and BBL.

Breast Reduction and Brazilian Buttlift

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   Breast reduction may take at least 6 weeks before wounds are healed and strong, but your plastic surgeon is in a better position to advise you.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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