Breast Reduction and Lift 6 Month Ago and Shortly After I Developed a Small Lump and Pain, What Could this Be?

I had breast reduction and lift 6 month ago and shortly after i developed a small lump and stabbing pain and after a xray of my breast the doctors told me it was not a solid tumor but acummulated liquid but I has been 3 months and the quater size ball has not gone away any I get periodice stabbin pain where the ball is what can this be?

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Painful mass of breast following breast reduction surgery.

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What you are describing may very well be an area of fat necrosis but it also could even represent a larger cyst as a manifestation of fibrocystic disease. Regardless, you should return to your plastic surgeon who can then assess this area and provide you with some recommendations.

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Painful lump after breast reduction

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The painful lump you are describing is most likely an area of fat ncrosis. This is an innocent lump of tissue that shrivels up and gets hard. Sometimes it can have a cystic, or fluid filled, area. I would suggest seeing a Breast surgeon, not usually a Plastic surgeon. They can often perform a needle aspiration and help reduce the size. You might need an ultrasound, mammogram or biopsy but I doubt it, 

Painful lump after breast surgery

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Certainly you should have your doctor address this as it is possibly an area of fat necrosis associated with nerve irritation.  An aspiration may help if it is liquified or excision if it is solid and firm.  Sometimes ultrasounds are helpful in the diagnosis and localization for aspiration.

Breast Reduction and Fat Necrosis?

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Thank you for the question. Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure; it is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.

Based on your description and x-ray findings you may be dealing with an area of “fat necrosis”. This may be involving an adjacent nerve causing the pain that you are experiencing.

I would  suggest follow-up with your plastic surgeon for clinical diagnosis and treatment options.

Best wishes.

Bresat reduction

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If it is thought to be the result of fat necrosis and it is liquefied, it may be aspirated safely. Check with your surgeon.

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