I Had Breast Reduction on 7/11 Why is the Left Nipple Not Healing, but the Right Nipple is Healing?

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Healing asymmetry in the areolar zone

Healing is never symmetric.  It is not uncommon with any plastic surgical procedure when two sides are operated upon that one side will do better than the other.  But over time the two sides will even out and if the surgery was planned and performed correctly everything will balance out in the end.  You have an open area due to lack of blood supply in this zone.  Continue to follow your plastic surgeons recommendations and eventually it will heal.  After it is healed you may need a small scar revision

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Why isn't my nipple healing?

In agreement with Dr. Kincaid, without more information such as good photo(s) and what you are seeing and experiencing, it is impossible to offer a meaningful response.  In general, if you believe there's a problem, bring to the attention of your surgeon, and follow his/her advice.  Often, an area that appears abnormal resolves over time to heal perfectly with a nice result.    If you need attention however, your surgeon will accept responsibility for this.

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Without pictures it’s hard to give a accurate reason. Sometimes our body heals different on each side. Give it some time. Make sure you see your PS to get accurate treatment.


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