Breast Reduction in 2007 and They Have Grown Back. Why?

i use to be a 34 c then gave birth and breast feed my breast got so huge and after breast feeding they just got bigger, had reduction in 2007 and 2010 they are double ds again. what in the world?

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Breast Reduction and Recurrent Hypertrophy?

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Recurrent breast hypertrophy is probably related to changes in weight and/or hormonal status.  To be sure consultation with your primary care physician and/or  OB/GYN may be helpful  to  rule out underlying endocrinologic  abnormality.

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Breast regrowth after reduction

Has your weight remained constant or have you gained weight? Was there an intervening pregnancy? Have you used a different contraceptive? What is your age? All of these can factor into increased breast size postoperatively. If none of the foregoing are applicable, you may want to seek an endocrinology consultation to rule out any underlying medical issues.

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Breasts are growing

It is hard to say without more information. If you have gained weight it is possible that the breasts have become larger.  They will get smaller when you lose weight.  Without an exam and history it is hard to say.

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HELP! MY BREASTS ARE GROWING! Recurrent hypertrophy after breast reduction

There are many factors which may effect this process. Most notably the two contributing factors are weight gain and hormone status (pregancy, oral contraceptives, etc.). Liposuction is a useful way of managing minor to moderate degrees of recurrent hypertrophy

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Recurrent Large Breasts AFTER Breast Reduction

No Cosmetic Surgery has permanent results. Time, weight fluctuation, aging, lifestyle, disease, hormonal influences combine to alter the results. Breasts are not an exception. weight gain and hormonal influences can increase breast weight and size. A particular impressive form seen in younger women is called Virginal Hypertrophy in which an extreme growth in the volume of the breasts is seen after breast reduction surgery. Dr.Aldea

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Increasing breast size after breast reduction

Breast reduction removes breast tissue that is present at the time of the operation, but does not affect the remainder of the breast, which will still respond to hormones and changes in body weight. Pregnancy and weight gain may both result in breast enlargement even after breast reduction. If neither of these has occurred, you may want to consult with your physician to rule out any medical reasons for the breast hypertrophy.

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Recurrent Breast Hypertrophy after Reduction

Assuming that you have not had a subsequent pregnancy or a significant weight gain (either of which could lead to your situation), it would be unusual to increase your cup size from C to DD.  The most likely explanation would be a hormonal imbalance of some sort.  You should check with your GP or gynecologist.

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