3 Months Breast Reduction: Lost 1 1/2 pints of blood out right breast on 1/25/2014 - Can it occur again? (Photo)

On my way to hospital bleeding stopped. My surgeon didn't come to ER. They released me from hospital and said if if happened again come back to ER. I went to a follow-up with surgeon 2 days later and he said he couldn't explain. I went to a different ER again on 02/19/2014 and I have a quarter size pocket of blood or fluid in right breast. Is my breast filling up with blood again? I'm worried and he's not concerned it seems. My left breast was completely healed in 4 weeks.

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3 Months Breast Reduction: Lost 1 1/2 pints of blood out right breast on 1/25/2014 - Can it occur again?

It is possible that you may have developed a hematoma of the right breast and as pressure increased, the incision opened releasing the blood/fluid collection.  It is possible that the fluid/blood can re-accumulate, particularly if there is a bleeding vessel involved.  Your surgeon would be the best person to evaluate this situation.  An ultrasound would help to show any developing fluid collection in the breast and can guide a possible drainage procedure.  Good luck and be safe.

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Late bleeding after breast reduction

The large volume bleeding maybe a liquefied hematoma(blood collection) from the original surgery. If it was dark red than it was probably a hematoma and self limiting. If the blood was bright red it may have been fresh bleeding from the wound and could possibly bleed again. A second opinion is a reasonable option if your primary surgeon isn't giving you a satisfactory answer. Thanks for your question.

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I can't quite tell from the narrative the sequence of recent events.  If there is a "quarter" size pocket of blood or fluid, is sounds like that is not fresh bleeding but residual undissolved blood from the original bleeding episode, and that might explain also the open wound, although the photo is so close up I can't really tell what I am looking at. 

The fluid can probably be aspirated either by your surgeon or by a radiologist with an ultrasound to guide the needle, but that may not be necessary.

If your surgeon won't provide adequate explanation and reassurance, a second opinion would be my suggestion.

All the best. 

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You need to be examined

I don't understand the issue of bleeding 3 months after surgery.  That doesn't make sense to me.  Please be seen and examined by your surgeon or a another for another opinion.  An ultrasound is helpful to evaluate the breast for residual fluid.

Breast reduction

It looks like you have an open wound that perhaps had some bleeding from it.  If the blood was dark and black then it was old, if it was bright red then fresh and from the wound.  I would consider a second opinion especially if your reduction was insurance based as that visit would be covered.

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