I Have Breast Reducion 10 Days Ago and Today I Have a New Sport Bra and It Feel Really Tight is OK to Wear This Bra?

i have breast reducion 10 days ago and today i have a new sport bra and it feel really tight is OK to wear this bra?

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Bra after reduction

If the bra that you are wearing is very tight, you may want to consider a looser bra. Touch base with your surgeon to ask what he prefers.

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Bra after breast reduction

You know the expression, if the shoe fits, wear it? If the bra doesn't fit and is too tight, for whatever reason, then don't wear it! You should follow your doctor's post operative instructions. A bra that is too tight can irritate the skin and put pressure on the healing wound.

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Bra After Breast Reduction?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure. Always best to check with your operating plastic surgeon  about post operative instructions and/or garments. Generally speaking, it is best to avoid bras that are too tight and can cause  discomfort and/or unnecessary pressure/irritation of the underlying skin or scars. 

Best wishes.

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