Is It Best To Lose Extra Pounds Before Breast Reconstruction?

I have 35 years and in November of 2010 I had a mastectomy on the left breast. They put an expander and now …after chemotherapy, is time to remove the expander and place a silicone implan and at the same time in the good breast (right) a lift plus implant. I have 15 kilograms overweight and want to lose them. 1 – Shoul I wait to lose that weigt to reconstruct the right breast? 2 - Would that affect the symmetry of the breasts?

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The cosmetic results will change if you loose 15 kg.

The cosmetic results will be better when you are at your ideal body weight. Discuss all these options with your plastic surgeon

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Lose extra pounds

if you are really 30 pounds overweight, then i would recommend losing the weight first.   if you go through the procedure and then lose the weight your native breast will change its volume and its shape.

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Weight loss and breast surgery

In general, the answer is yes. However, that is qualified by it depends on how much weight you plan to lose, whether that weight loss is achievable and maintainable, and how much the breasts themeselves are affected by that weight loss. Weight loss generally does affect the size and shape of the breast so doing any contouring before weight loss, whether it be breast surgery, tummy tucks, or liposuction, may affect the end result. Look at your weight loss goeals realistically and if it is acheivable and will make you more healthy, go for it first.

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

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