Is It Common To Have So Many Problems With Breast Reconstruction Or Is It Just A Fluke?

I have had 5 operations on my left side and I have had a sling put in but it is still wrinkled and awful looking. The right side I had an accident with a heating pad and the implant didn't hold up and I need it redone because the implant has fallen. Because of health issues I am still waiting to have another surgery to repair this. Is this common in reconstruction to have so many problems or is it just a fluke. I only want to do this one more time before I give up!

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Is It Common To Have So Many Problems With Breast Reconstruction Or Is It Just A Fluke?

Sorry for ALL your issues. Have you used the same surgeon? Have you obtained other opinions? This may be the best you can get. 

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Problems with breast reconstruction

Unfortunately, complications can occur during breast reconstruction. Often, it is a process that can require multiple revisions to obtain the end result you are looking for. Depending on the thickness of your mastectomy flaps, you can have a variable amount of visible rippling. There may be other things that can be done to help including fat grafting, use of allograft, or use of flaps. Talk to your plastic surgeon about your options. Getting another opinion is also very reasonable. Good luck.

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Breast reconstruction

Yes it is I am sorry to say. The blood flow to the skin after a mastectomey is challenging  to say the least.

Bottoming out at the inferior pole of the breast is a common issue with the weight of any implant.  Wrinkling is called rippleing with implants. When you have no fat to contour the implant you see every defect of the implant. This is less with silicone than saline but still present.  Dont give up , talk to your BS PS. Maybe talk about autologous tissue. Flaps like the Latissimus flap are sometimes alternatives that work better. As for the implant falling, that is a hard thing to overcome. A good supportive bra with lateral support is key. I have found that the lateral support with the under wire helps keep the implant where it belongs longer.

Congratulations on beating Braest Cancer and good luck.

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