Breast Reconstruction and May Want Revisions, What Are my Options?

I had breast reconstruction about five and half years ago. I am debating about having it redone to correct some problems. My skin is so thin over the implants that you can see and feel some markings on the implants. They are saline implants and have some rippling. What I am most unhappy about is the placement of the right implant. There is too much space between the implants. I never followed up with nipple reconstruction because of the implant placement.

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Saline Implant Breast Reconstruction Revisions

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Breast Reconstruction is a complicated topic and you deserve a better answer than any of us can give you based on your question. A lot more information is required as well as a physical examination. If your Plastic surgeon did a good job I would return to him with your concerns. A change to silicone gel filled implants and applying a biological sheet such as Strattice over the implants could reduce the rippling and correct the right implant position.

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I am often concerned by the quick respond to mask implant problems with other material. You need a consult by your previous surgeon and another surgeon who specializes in techniques that use not only implants but your own tissue.  I have masked implant problems, with biologic materials, fat grab, flaps and it depends on you and what you need specifically.

Breast reconstruction

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Thin skin can be dealt with by adding alloderm/strattice or fat grafts.  As for the space between the implants that is often limited by your anatomy.  Certainly it may be able to be adjusted depending upon your exam and the shape of the implant used.

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