Breast Reconstruction with Tissue Expanders: When TEs Are Implanted What is the Usual Amount of Saline Injected at That Time?

I had bi mast 4/3/12 with TEs. PS filled TEs with 700 cc's each. 1 week later sutures were gaping open an eighth inch. He took off 100 cc's each breast. His nurse told me these TEs hold up to 850 cc's. Is this normal to fill TEs this much immediately at time of implantation ? I, now, have tissue necrosis down the middle of each breast and at the bottom. Is there a set amount of saline injected into TEs at the time they're implanted ?

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There is no set amount that tissue expanders are filled to during reconstruction. It depends on a lot of different variables, including the breast pocket ( how much space is available), the quality of skin after the mastectomy, and judgement. Healing problems can occur for many reasons, but it is not uncommon in the current age of breast reconstruction with the technology available to fill the expanders to 100% of their potential volume at the initial surgery.

It is very important for you right now to have a good avenue of communication with your plastic surgeon. Let him know how you feel and what you can expect for the future.

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