I Had Breast Reconstruction Surgery I Am Retaining Fluids, Should I Move More or Less?

I have developed a seroma in my chest after getting the expanders in place, should i move more or less?

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Breast Reconstruction

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You are probably moving too much and irritating the area.  Keep the affected area “quiet” but be sure to walk every hour or two for 5-10 min.

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Seroma after any surgery if large enough should be evacuated and cultured.

Limit heavy activity. But follow the instructions of your surgeon. Internet medical advise is NOT as accurate as in person exam

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Seroma After Breast Reconstruction

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In general, if a patient has developed a seroma, or fluid collection, after surgery, it is best to drain it percutaneuosly with a needle.  Afterwards, some type of compression wrap and limiting arm movement for a week or two is advisable.  If it persists, some patients need a drain replaced into the pocket to evacuate the accumulating fluid.  Luckily, most women do not get to this point and a lot of seromas after reconstruction are small and resolve on their own.  I hope this helps.

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