Is It Necessary to Start From Square 1 When Changing Implant Type For a Breast Reconstruction Revision?

When doing a revision for implant reconstruction do you have to start over from square one ie if the implant is going to be larger and or a different shape i.e. from round to tear drop?

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It you are seeking a revision of your breast reconstruction, this does not mean you have to start from "square one"  It all depends on what you would like to change/improve.  Please visit with a ASPS member surgeon in your area to learn more about your options

Breast reconstruction

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It is nor always necessary to start from what you say as square one.  Often the pocket can be opened more for  a larger implant.

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Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery

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Thanks for your question.

If you have an implant in situ and you want to change to a larger and different shaped implant, the surgical plan depends on how much loose soft tissue you have the area and how much extra volume you plan to put in. If you have plenty of loose soft tissue, the old implant can be removed and a new one (larger, differently shaped) can be put in its place. If the skin is very tight around your current implant, you may need some more tissue expansion before converting to a larger implant.

I hope this helps.

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